From passion to profession

Hello friends 👋

Hope everyone is doing well.. This is my first post that I always wanted to share with everyone. I always talk about this to my mom and now its with you all.

I have been wondering about the people who have picked their passion as profession. They are famous and popular and who doesn’t want to be famous 😅.. Not all are doing their passion as profession. Mostly those who are confident about their passion goes for it! They should be appreciated. But how, where, does passion comes from??

The right answer is knowing about ones interest in the time where they spent more. I know we all spent more time in social media 😂. Okay other than that 🤔 yes search for your own time that you spend wisely .. A small hobby might one day become your full time professional work.

Being passionate about something really makes that person to be true and original because they love to do it. It’s like a love between two things, the human and the passion. Some people are active in sports, history, music 🎶, dance, teaching, learning, photography, media, adventures, etc. Money brings happiness to some extent but the work which you love to do it makes life complete.

Everyone wishes to be successful always but what about failure. Everything is part of life. Don’t hesitate to seek your passion just don’t go in the way that a day takes.

Make your own day.

Make your own passion .

Take a chance to look.

Start it today

Don’t procast

Never mind others

Stop comparison

Remember one thing The power of imagination makes us infinite…

Find your passion( partner) and make your life complete with happiness.

Make wonders on the sky of your own world ❣️

Love ~