Things you don’t know about December born people

Chapter 12 out of 12

Today morning I almost felt my hands were freezing in those cold waters when I went to take shower. Oh wait does this symbolize the beginning of winter. Could you all beleive that it’s finally December? Yes it is! What comes to your mind when it’s December, I know that’s Christmas🎄 and snow. Seems quiet exciting right?!

But there are things other than Christmas. What’s it?

So in today’s post we will see about those people who just stole this month to live in this world.

December is the last month and end of every year and it’s also the beginning of winter season. This is something we all knew about it.

Let’s see some fun facts about those people who stole this month.

Long way to go:

People who are born in this month really lives a bit longer and may even hit 💯. Their birthdays may be the late ones but they have lot of fun. They will be exploring new things that comes in life and stick to it and make wonders on their own sky.

Silent killers:

You can even push the earth to rotate anticlockwise but you can’t make them to utter a word. These people are so constricted to their own world when you are an unknown person but once you are familiar, they gonna kill you! They are actually the most talkative one💃.


A survey shows that these people are such a talented artists in every sector especially in digging their passion into goals. Great people like Walt Disney(Animator), Taylor swift(American singer), Srinivasa Ramanujan (Indian mathematician), Rajinikanth ( Indian superstar) are good examples. Moreover I have seen, few are good at sketching and drawing.

Good listeners:

Though they’re quiet talkative with their loved ones, they also seemed to be good listeners too. They are less bored to listen to the person they love the most . This reminds me of two people in my life, one is my bestfriend who always listens to all of my tantrums and never shows up her face to me. Anyhow her Smile says it all!


Blue is the most favourite colour to them. Their wardrobe is filled with all shades of blue and sort of Black may be because of their birthstone. Try this with your friend who was born in December and damn sure they are quite fond of Blue 💙

Best companion:

December people are likely to be romantic and get themselves engaged to the person they love the most. They care them much and even present their soul to impress them. So they definitely get a true love. Just grab a December one and date them. Don’t miss out!

Get sick rare:

A study showed that they have good general health and rarely visit doctors. They are really blessed to born in this month because Santa had gifted a good health to them. Lot of advantages. Iam quiet jealous of them because I end up sick after end of every month and I don’t know why😅.

Born teachers:

They have the potential to correct others when they go wrong, most importantly in a polite way. Naturally they acquire some talents which make them bossy and they love to teach to others but they struggle with making a decision when it comes to them.

I wonder how lucky are those…! sometimes they will be the younger one in their classes or elder one because they oscillate between two consecutive years. I personally love this month, it has lot to say. Life becomes cloudy when we grow old it’s same like how a season starts up from beautiful spring and summer season and ends up in hard winter. But we actually enjoy the shower of snow that says “No matter how much you are old, it depends upon how you perceive your life and enjoy every moment with happiness”.

If you wanted to make

Your dreams come true

The first thing you have

To do is wake up from

Lazy winter sleep.

A mind is like a parachute.

It doesn’t work if isn’t open.

Happy December to all! Wishing a very happy month with full of emotions ❣️

Shower this post to all those who born in December.

With love ~