Things you don’t know about December born people

Chapter 12 out of 12

Today morning I almost felt my hands were freezing in those cold waters when I went to take shower. Oh wait does this symbolize the beginning of winter. Could you all beleive that it’s finally December? Yes it is! What comes to your mind when it’s December, I know that’s ChristmasπŸŽ„ and snow. Seems quiet exciting right?!

But there are things other than Christmas. What’s it?

So in today’s post we will see about those people who just stole this month to live in this world.

December is the last month and end of every year and it’s also the beginning of winter season. This is something we all knew about it.

Let’s see some fun facts about those people who stole this month.

Long way to go:

People who are born in this month really lives a bit longer and may even hit πŸ’―. Their birthdays may be the late ones but they have lot of fun. They will be exploring new things that comes in life and stick to it and make wonders on their own sky.

Silent killers:

You can even push the earth to rotate anticlockwise but you can’t make them to utter a word. These people are so constricted to their own world when you are an unknown person but once you are familiar, they gonna kill you! They are actually the most talkative oneπŸ’ƒ.


A survey shows that these people are such a talented artists in every sector especially in digging their passion into goals. Great people like Walt Disney(Animator), Taylor swift(American singer), Srinivasa Ramanujan (Indian mathematician), Rajinikanth ( Indian superstar) are good examples. Moreover I have seen, few are good at sketching and drawing.

Good listeners:

Though they’re quiet talkative with their loved ones, they also seemed to be good listeners too. They are less bored to listen to the person they love the most . This reminds me of two people in my life, one is my bestfriend who always listens to all of my tantrums and never shows up her face to me. Anyhow her Smile says it all!


Blue is the most favourite colour to them. Their wardrobe is filled with all shades of blue and sort of Black may be because of their birthstone. Try this with your friend who was born in December and damn sure they are quite fond of Blue πŸ’™

Best companion:

December people are likely to be romantic and get themselves engaged to the person they love the most. They care them much and even present their soul to impress them. So they definitely get a true love. Just grab a December one and date them. Don’t miss out!

Get sick rare:

A study showed that they have good general health and rarely visit doctors. They are really blessed to born in this month because Santa had gifted a good health to them. Lot of advantages. Iam quiet jealous of them because I end up sick after end of every month and I don’t know whyπŸ˜….

Born teachers:

They have the potential to correct others when they go wrong, most importantly in a polite way. Naturally they acquire some talents which make them bossy and they love to teach to others but they struggle with making a decision when it comes to them.

I wonder how lucky are those…! sometimes they will be the younger one in their classes or elder one because they oscillate between two consecutive years. I personally love this month, it has lot to say. Life becomes cloudy when we grow old it’s same like how a season starts up from beautiful spring and summer season and ends up in hard winter. But we actually enjoy the shower of snow that says “No matter how much you are old, it depends upon how you perceive your life and enjoy every moment with happiness”.

If you wanted to make

Your dreams come true

The first thing you have

To do is wake up from

Lazy winter sleep.

A mind is like a parachute.

It doesn’t work if isn’t open.

Happy December to all! Wishing a very happy month with full of emotions ❣️

Shower this post to all those who born in December.

With love ~



Rain Memories

Have you ever suddenly jerked by a droplet from sky!

This is Something that everyone would have experienced.


During my school days we had two kinds of vacation where one is informed summer vacation and other thing is sudden declaration of holidays due to rain where I will be enjoying as I have done something great. The reason is that I keep lot of pending homeworks and lot of incomplete school stuffs where I don’t have to worry about it anymore😌.

The day before night will be prayer night to the god to pour some rain on the next morning inorder to escape from any exams or pending works.

The next morning hoping to get some heavy rain and thunderstorms I will be watching some weather news for the declaration of holiday!! The happiness we get for this is irreplaceable and the best part is I don’t have to wear my shoes and I will be wearing the best slippers I have got so far inorder to show off to my friends. Well I don’t care about it’s durability and worry for it later.

Now our School ground becomes an Indian Ocean where we all will be swimming in the water. Benches and tables will be wet by the rain. Late comers are not punishable during rainy days which is a overwhelming Thanksgiving to the teachers.

Just as an example πŸ˜…

The classroom now becomes as temporary shops where all of our raincoats and umbrella β˜” will be hanging on the window. We would be discussing and gossiping about the adventures on our way to school probably that would be simple.

Here comes the interval where our school corridors will be turning into a great place for watching rain. We become tired of doing nothing and never listens to teacher lectures and will be wandering around here and there.

No one wants to sit in the first bench and all our friends will be sitting so congested in the last single bench and will be chatting over and over again.

The fan man of each class is a real hero (those who sits near switch board) because they are the one who tolerates half of the class for turning on the fan and other half class for turning off the fan.

When the first rain pours in the school, all of sudden there will be a huge noise and shouts from every class room because the power cut will be ruling the darkness. This is something a happy exaggeration from students between the boring lectures during rainy day. Teacher stops taking the class and the whole classroom now become a theatre of audience without no movie.

It takes long time to reach our home after the school because we all will be puddling and wetting by rainwater.

After the school hours we all now become the captain of paper boat and sails near our home where small streams would be developed from the rainfall.

Tummy of everyone will be filled with yummy hot snacks from the best cook (Mom), actually I wish to try some ice-creams but I never tried, I know the next day I will be hit by fever and cold, making my bed busy with myself.

My spectacles would be now like a car window blurred with rainwater. This makes to go blind and I can’t see anything. Most people might have faced this issue πŸ˜…

I never knew that rain had left these much memories with me and my school. Missing those days!! I really feel sorry for those who couldn’t go to school in this lockdown period.

Enjoy the rhythm of rain … Some special things never comes back. Even this quarantined school days might also bring another memory which could we cherish the rest of the years.

Thanks for reading 😊

With love



Welcome November

Hey November…

Hello November .. CHAPTER 11 of 12..

New month, new day

New date, new chapter

New pages, new wishes!

Welcome November…

End of autumn

Life had taught many lessons at different times. Time is infinite and immortal, which reminds us our life is mortal. One day or the other day our life will be stopped but the memories of us remains forever. This 2020 almost gonna have an end but the struggle for existence which we had gone through will be a history rather than a memory. Inorder to heal from all those wounds November has born for us.

November is the transitional month that comes between fall and winter. It marks the end of autumn.

A new beginning starts from a new change. Every month has its own uniqueness, November has been chosen as the best month for its positivity and love.

When trees shed their leaves it doesn’t mean that it is ageing, when the year ends it doesn’t mean that time has passing on. Everything happens for a reason!

Autumn whispered

To the winter

I fall but always

Rise again ”

That’s how seasons have conversations. When seasons try to figure out their positivity why can’t we?! Leaves again grow but much better than before. It’s same like how we stand after many insult or shame but with success and confidence.

Life is long way to go…

An idea might be unpopular now doesn’t mean it won’t be accepted in the future.. stay positive

Let’s hope this November will bring positivity in our lives. Spread it by reflecting it in your thoughts and actions.

Happy November to all 🍁





Hello friends πŸ‘‹

Good day to all. Hope everyone is having a great day. Here is something that will surely heal your day.

The pleasure and state of being good makes happiness, but it never long lasts. Sometimes for some reason depression and sadness rule over us. So have you ever wondered who is behind all these emotions?

Let’s not mean things, people and the situations. Actually there is one who brings all these emotions.


Serotonin is a chemical that is manufactured in brain which is behind all our emotions. It is called as Happy hormone. It makes one to feel happy about things happening around us. So let’s appreciate her for providing happiness and also blame for taking back our happiness.

When we laugh out loud she comes so fast, initiates the happiness. She is bit lazy, usually during rainy season and after winter season her performance drops which makes one lonely sometimes leading to depression and even sucidal thoughts. Usually women often undergoes mood swings because of some other hormonal changes in every month that might affect their productive day which leads to anger and makes to feel inferior. Here serotonin is literally quiet because of the competition between other hormones.

When the level of her performance drops we all have the feeling of being deprived, lack of interest in things, less motivation, anxiety, frustration, isolation, sometimes insomniac.

But during spring and summer season she freaks and runs throughout our body because of sunlight whom she hates. She likes being in state of dormant but our brain wakes her up in morning that’s why usually we feel fresh and happy in the morning.

A fresh mind comes from fresh air and light

It is reported that Morning walk helps one to ger rid from negative thoughts and the feel of silence gives postive thoughts and makes a effective day. The level of her performance strikes high if we do the following things


Daily to do list

Long term goals

Cold showers

Engaging with friends

Listening to music


She lives in the digestive tract and gut of our body. As like all she loves food especially food rich in tryptophan which is in Red meat, milk, turkey, nuts , yoghurt, fish etc. Whenever one eats all kinds of these foods she brings happiness to them not for them but also who expose themselves to the things that I listed above.

Let’s start healing our body and soul by understanding the scientific reason behind our emotions. It’s human nature to express the feelings and emotions. But this should not eliminate your thoughts and goals. Being emotional for simple things might affect your great work. Try to keep your mind fresh and clean. Don’t stuff too much of unnecessary thoughts in your mind which might explode one day. So before it explodes clean everything and start your own journey. Do things that makes you warm. Sharing is caring. Share your emotions to your beloved person.

Try to be the change you want to see in the world. Let’s not bring these emotions to affect our goal and journey.

Emotions may come and go but goal lies Forever…




From passion to profession

Hello friends πŸ‘‹

Hope everyone is doing well.. This is my first post that I always wanted to share with everyone. I always talk about this to my mom and now its with you all.

I have been wondering about the people who have picked their passion as profession. They are famous and popular and who doesn’t want to be famous πŸ˜….. Not all are doing their passion as profession. Mostly those who are confident about their passion goes for it! They should be appreciated. But how, where, does passion comes from??

The right answer is knowing about ones interest in the time where they spent more. I know we all spent more time in social media πŸ˜‚. Okay other than that πŸ€” yes search for your own time that you spend wisely .. A small hobby might one day become your full time professional work.

Being passionate about something really makes that person to be true and original because they love to do it. It’s like a love between two things, the human and the passion. Some people are active in sports, history, music 🎢, dance, teaching, learning, photography, media, adventures, etc. Money brings happiness to some extent but the work which you love to do it makes life complete.

Everyone wishes to be successful always but what about failure. Everything is part of life. Don’t hesitate to seek your passion just don’t go in the way that a day takes.

Make your own day.

Make your own passion .

Take a chance to look.

Start it today

Don’t procast

Never mind others

Stop comparison

Remember one thing The power of imagination makes us infinite…

Find your passion( partner) and make your life complete with happiness.

Make wonders on the sky of your own world ❣️

Love ~