Rain Memories

Have you ever suddenly jerked by a droplet from sky!

This is Something that everyone would have experienced.


During my school days we had two kinds of vacation where one is informed summer vacation and other thing is sudden declaration of holidays due to rain where I will be enjoying as I have done something great. The reason is that I keep lot of pending homeworks and lot of incomplete school stuffs where I don’t have to worry about it anymore😌.

The day before night will be prayer night to the god to pour some rain on the next morning inorder to escape from any exams or pending works.

The next morning hoping to get some heavy rain and thunderstorms I will be watching some weather news for the declaration of holiday!! The happiness we get for this is irreplaceable and the best part is I don’t have to wear my shoes and I will be wearing the best slippers I have got so far inorder to show off to my friends. Well I don’t care about it’s durability and worry for it later.

Now our School ground becomes an Indian Ocean where we all will be swimming in the water. Benches and tables will be wet by the rain. Late comers are not punishable during rainy days which is a overwhelming Thanksgiving to the teachers.

Just as an example πŸ˜…

The classroom now becomes as temporary shops where all of our raincoats and umbrella β˜” will be hanging on the window. We would be discussing and gossiping about the adventures on our way to school probably that would be simple.

Here comes the interval where our school corridors will be turning into a great place for watching rain. We become tired of doing nothing and never listens to teacher lectures and will be wandering around here and there.

No one wants to sit in the first bench and all our friends will be sitting so congested in the last single bench and will be chatting over and over again.

The fan man of each class is a real hero (those who sits near switch board) because they are the one who tolerates half of the class for turning on the fan and other half class for turning off the fan.

When the first rain pours in the school, all of sudden there will be a huge noise and shouts from every class room because the power cut will be ruling the darkness. This is something a happy exaggeration from students between the boring lectures during rainy day. Teacher stops taking the class and the whole classroom now become a theatre of audience without no movie.

It takes long time to reach our home after the school because we all will be puddling and wetting by rainwater.

After the school hours we all now become the captain of paper boat and sails near our home where small streams would be developed from the rainfall.

Tummy of everyone will be filled with yummy hot snacks from the best cook (Mom), actually I wish to try some ice-creams but I never tried, I know the next day I will be hit by fever and cold, making my bed busy with myself.

My spectacles would be now like a car window blurred with rainwater. This makes to go blind and I can’t see anything. Most people might have faced this issue πŸ˜…

I never knew that rain had left these much memories with me and my school. Missing those days!! I really feel sorry for those who couldn’t go to school in this lockdown period.

Enjoy the rhythm of rain … Some special things never comes back. Even this quarantined school days might also bring another memory which could we cherish the rest of the years.

Thanks for reading 😊

With love


By Madhangi

Craving the essence of life...

74 replies on “Rain Memories”

LolπŸ˜‚ really smiling a lot with the Lovely lines of our scl days in rainy
Yeah ….. missing those days πŸ₯Ίmadhu!
Lines r lovely πŸ’“ madhu πŸ”₯! Keep rocking πŸ–€

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Woow Anni!!!u nailed it…I’m literally in love wid this post…it got me nostalgicπŸ₯ΊCSE-D is going well but still it can never replace my 12C…I really wanna go back nd cherish all our lovely rain atrocities once again❀well penned Anni

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Vera level Maadhu ❀️ memories running before my eyes after reading this πŸ€—πŸ˜ Plzz do continue this.. U have a bright future ahead da ❀️

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Very beautifully written, brought back the rainy day school memories , Great Post. Madhangi you have a great blog and you write really well. I would like to nominate you for the LIEBSTAR AWARD. The details and the rules you can find on my post. It would be great if you participate

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Long time Mahangi,
Hope you and your family are well. All is well here so far and my brother and I have both had our first pfizer vaccine. I think the schools are on holidays for another week yet for the Easter break.
I really enjoyed reading your post. when i went to primary school 1960-’66 and grammar school 1966-’71, college ’73-’76 I only remember snow making our school journey more difficult. The winter of 1963 when I would have been eight years old was particularly bad with
deep snow lying around for a while causing disruption everywhwere. That is the only time when noone was able to get out anywhere and had no choice but to stay at home snowballing, and making snowmen etc. I never recall being told to stay at home or to go home. In more recent years with the advent of Health and Safety, schools close with the drop of a smidging of snow.
I really got a sense of your classroom and classmates and can really identify with not listening to the teacher.
I really feel for pupils having to home school through some of this period as I know they have missed their mates and the whole social experience of school.
Take care πŸ™‚

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Aww Margaret that’s so sweet of you 😊 Thank you so much for sharing your experience.. This really means a lot to me!! Hope you enjoyed your childhood and I feel happy that this post had brought some memories back to you 🍁… I never had snow experience, your story made me kinda worry about the destruction !! But you enjoyed I think by making snowman πŸ˜„.. Take care dear.. Happy April month 🌞

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Yes Madhangi we enjoyed building our snowmen. My pleasure to share my experiences.
Thank God I had a happy childhood living in north west England and visiting parent’s family in Ireland every year. Money was tight but I was never hungry thank God and had a roof over my head, safe and loved with lots of laughter.
Travel conditions can be hazardous but as a child I was ignorant of this.
In later years when working as a Health Visitor where I needed to travel to work and get out & visit families it proved stressful at times. πŸ™‚β˜€οΈβ˜ƒοΈβ„οΈπŸŒ¨


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