Welcome November

Hey November…

Hello November .. CHAPTER 11 of 12..

New month, new day

New date, new chapter

New pages, new wishes!

Welcome November…

End of autumn

Life had taught many lessons at different times. Time is infinite and immortal, which reminds us our life is mortal. One day or the other day our life will be stopped but the memories of us remains forever. This 2020 almost gonna have an end but the struggle for existence which we had gone through will be a history rather than a memory. Inorder to heal from all those wounds November has born for us.

November is the transitional month that comes between fall and winter. It marks the end of autumn.

A new beginning starts from a new change. Every month has its own uniqueness, November has been chosen as the best month for its positivity and love.

When trees shed their leaves it doesn’t mean that it is ageing, when the year ends it doesn’t mean that time has passing on. Everything happens for a reason!

Autumn whispered

To the winter

I fall but always

Rise again ”

That’s how seasons have conversations. When seasons try to figure out their positivity why can’t we?! Leaves again grow but much better than before. It’s same like how we stand after many insult or shame but with success and confidence.

Life is long way to go…

An idea might be unpopular now doesn’t mean it won’t be accepted in the future.. stay positive

Let’s hope this November will bring positivity in our lives. Spread it by reflecting it in your thoughts and actions.

Happy November to all 🍁



By Madhangi

Craving the essence of life...

83 replies on “Welcome November”

Describing the positive vibes 🀍 in the wonderful beginning of November with the image is more beautiful πŸ’«madhu!! keep rocking πŸ–€πŸ˜!!

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I shall be honest with you that November is not one of my favorite months. I hate it actually but this post right here has made me feel warm. You put hope on paper you gave me this kind of feeling about the month i have never really had and yes your words are soothinh and therapuetic. Now i get why you kept on insisting that I read it.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It really good actually thanks for sharing it with me dear Maruthuvar. There is always hope for rising again and reshaping our desire to move foward.

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Aww that’s great!! I feel pleasurable for your response ❀️.. I am glad that I could atleast make someone happy with my post..😌.. Thank you so much tanaka 😊. Hope hereafter every November will be filled with positivity for you and everyone πŸ’“

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Sometimes procasting things might be positive πŸ˜‚ anyhow you already have so much likes!! That’s great and appreciable.. I need to learn lot from you and that takes time 😊

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