Hello friends πŸ‘‹

Good day to all. Hope everyone is having a great day. Here is something that will surely heal your day.

The pleasure and state of being good makes happiness, but it never long lasts. Sometimes for some reason depression and sadness rule over us. So have you ever wondered who is behind all these emotions?

Let’s not mean things, people and the situations. Actually there is one who brings all these emotions.


Serotonin is a chemical that is manufactured in brain which is behind all our emotions. It is called as Happy hormone. It makes one to feel happy about things happening around us. So let’s appreciate her for providing happiness and also blame for taking back our happiness.

When we laugh out loud she comes so fast, initiates the happiness. She is bit lazy, usually during rainy season and after winter season her performance drops which makes one lonely sometimes leading to depression and even sucidal thoughts. Usually women often undergoes mood swings because of some other hormonal changes in every month that might affect their productive day which leads to anger and makes to feel inferior. Here serotonin is literally quiet because of the competition between other hormones.

When the level of her performance drops we all have the feeling of being deprived, lack of interest in things, less motivation, anxiety, frustration, isolation, sometimes insomniac.

But during spring and summer season she freaks and runs throughout our body because of sunlight whom she hates. She likes being in state of dormant but our brain wakes her up in morning that’s why usually we feel fresh and happy in the morning.

A fresh mind comes from fresh air and light

It is reported that Morning walk helps one to ger rid from negative thoughts and the feel of silence gives postive thoughts and makes a effective day. The level of her performance strikes high if we do the following things


Daily to do list

Long term goals

Cold showers

Engaging with friends

Listening to music


She lives in the digestive tract and gut of our body. As like all she loves food especially food rich in tryptophan which is in Red meat, milk, turkey, nuts , yoghurt, fish etc. Whenever one eats all kinds of these foods she brings happiness to them not for them but also who expose themselves to the things that I listed above.

Let’s start healing our body and soul by understanding the scientific reason behind our emotions. It’s human nature to express the feelings and emotions. But this should not eliminate your thoughts and goals. Being emotional for simple things might affect your great work. Try to keep your mind fresh and clean. Don’t stuff too much of unnecessary thoughts in your mind which might explode one day. So before it explodes clean everything and start your own journey. Do things that makes you warm. Sharing is caring. Share your emotions to your beloved person.

Try to be the change you want to see in the world. Let’s not bring these emotions to affect our goal and journey.

Emotions may come and go but goal lies Forever…



By Madhangi

Craving the essence of life...

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Well, Inspiring ✨ an interesting post to write about emotions, I had a similar thought to write something about emotions. Happy to read someone had a similar thought βœ¨πŸ‘ Happy blogging, keep going ✨✨

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